I wanted to share my experience with this company - EquineLUX. I came across them online in my search for a nice shaped pad that would actually fit my forward-flap saddle.

I emailed the company after seeing that they could custom-make sizes, inquiring as to the price, etc. Imagine my surprise when I was told they would make me a pad to measure, for the same price as a stock size! I took photos of my saddle with a measuring tape held up so they could see the flap width, length, etc.

As it turned out, a friend ended up ordering a stock hunter pad after I showed her the website. I took pictures of my saddle sitting on that pad (girthed up on Zack) so they could see how it sat. I would have been happy with the pad just extending more forward, but the rep was far pickier - he noticed areas behind the flap, under the panel, etc that just weren't perfect and said they would fix that too. I also sent them a photo showing how my girth wouldn't fit through the billet strap as it was located too far back on the pad (stock size).

I finalized the order last Friday. Monday was a holiday in Quebec, where the pads are manufactured. They nicely emailed to tell me this, and to let me know that the pad should be ready by Thursday. I replied that they were fast, but joked that it was too bad CanPost was so slow as I have a show Monday.

Well...not only was the pad done on Wednesday, they sent it FedEx at no charge to me so I received it on Thursday, in time for the show!

I tried it on today - and was impressed yet again. The pad fits beautifully, AND I can get my girth through the billet straps on both sides without contorting the pad at all. The workmanship and materials look first-rate. I can't wait to use it at the show on Monday - the first shaped pad that actually fits properly and that I won't have to keep adjusting all day!

I don't work for the company or anything, just wanted to share a great experience. The product is made in Canada, and the pad is similar to EcoGold but has a few benefits IMO. The non-slip material is only on top, not touching the horse's skin (it's kind of plasticy...I always wondered about that being hot and uncomfortable). Also, it's far less expensive for this pad than the EcoGold, AND this one is made to measure. The OEF also has a discount code for 20% off if you're a member.

Website: www.equinelux.com

Photos of my pad (towel is underneath to protect it from my wet dirty horse!). There's also a black Thinline half pad sitting on top, that's not their pad looking funny.