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Thread: We rode!!!

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    We rode!!!

    Barnslave messaged me on the weekend and we went out (with Grandad and the preemie baby) and rode the Weenie!

    I had to replace my saddle - it's a Wintec pro dressage and the back corner of one of the panels cracked last winter. We moved. Barnslave had another preemie baby. I had the killer cold and ended up on massive doses of drugs, and most recently I did something to my arthritic kneecap so I'm all taped up so it doesn't wobble and cause MORE pain. When I got out there and got him tacked up - I had snapped one of my safety stirrup elastics... So Grandad wandered around the barn and found me a loaner lol! The universe certainly was against me riding for some reason!

    It was so nice to sit on my pony again - I haven't ridden since October. And had made it this huge issue in my mind. Eoin (aka Weenie) was a little lookie at things around the outdoor ring and positively wide-eyed with all the jump standards - I had to promise that we wouldn't tackle those as we are presently a dressage pony!! At one point he shook his head violently at the flies and became a one-ear bridled pony so Barnslave stopped us and stuffed those little ears back in.

    At some point my "stop is better than go" pony has started channeling the dear departed Tina Superpony who was the perpetual energizer bunny - couldn't stand if she could pace!! I stared at him as he paced around with the "ok lets go" manner... Barnslave screwed up her courage and rode for a bit also. Weenie did a full body shake and she almost slid down his neck in surprise!

    Anyways - we are back in the saddle!!!

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    Awesome!! Huge congrats!!!

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    Way to go!!
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    Fantastic! I am envious.

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    Good for you! Rory appears to have flipped the maturity switch this summer too.

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