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Thread: Stevia and Horses?

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    Stevia and Horses?

    Ok, so Stevia:
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    I contacted Omega Alpha about whether certain of their products had sugar sweeteners in them. Apparently they are switching many of their sugar based sweeteners over to Stevia, as it is safe for insulin resistant horses.

    I realize it's safe for (human) diabetics to use in place of sugar, but of course I'm always protective of my IR ponies!! I wonder whether it would be different in the horses body???

    I found a few website references that said that Stevia IS safe for horses. One noted that the 'natural' leaf or powder is healthier and has more nutrients then the milled style that is sold for people.

    Thoughts?! :frantic:

    PS, I was wondering whether it would be safe for baking horse treats as well? Instead of using molasses or other sugar based sweeteners? Hmmm.
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    Stevia and Horses?

    Stevia is safe for horses.

    Tastes like crap in human baked goods- sort of like Diet Coke tastes like crap.

    But it is very sweet by volume so it doesn&#39;t take much.

    See if they will eat a treat with it .



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