I have several Thoroughbred Series books for sale. These were written by Joanna Campbell.

2.Wonder's Promise
5.Ashleigh's Dream
6.Wonder's Yearling
8.Sierra's Steeplechase
9.Pride's Challenge
10.Pride's Last Race
11.Wonder's Sister
12.Shining's Orphan
13.Cindy's Runaway Colt
18.Glory's Rival
22.Arabian Challenge
23.Cindy's Honor
24.The Horse Of Her Dreams
25.Melanie's Treasure
26.Sterling's Second Change
28.Camp Saddlebrook
29.Melanie's Last Ride
30.Dylan's Choice
31.A Home For Melanie
32.Cassidy's Secret
33.Racing Parker
35.Dead Heat
36.Without Wonder
37.Star In Danger
38.Down To The Wire
39.Living Legend
40.Ultimate Risk
41.Close Call
42.The Bad Luck Filly
43.Fallen Star
44.Perfect Image
45.Star's Chance
47.Cindy's Desert Adventure
48.Cindy's Bold Start
49.Rising Star
50.Team Player
51.Distance Runner
54.Cindy's Last Hope
55.Great Expectations
57.Faith In A Longshot
59.Star's Inspiration
60.Taking The Reins
61.Parker's Passion
62.Unbridled Fury
65.Bridal Dreams
67.Breaking The Fall
69.Melanie's Double Jinx
71.Calamity Jinx

As well as the Ashleigh Mini-series:

1.Lightning's Last Hope
4.Good-Bye Midnight Wanderer
6.A Dangerous Ride
10.Derby Dreams

Asking $3 a book, or take all for $110.

harveyxoxo at gmail.com